• One of Northern Europe’s best halibut areas: the Maelstrom or Moskenstraumen.

    Heilbutt-Revier: der Mahlstrom
  • Splendid specimen: a 21 kg cod, caught in the Maelstrom.

    21 kg Dorsch, gefangen am Mahlstrom
  • Lofoten record: Nordmeer Angelreisen customer catches 162 kg / 357 Lbs Halibut.

  • Coalfish well over 10 kg are often caught.

    Köhler über 10 kg werden häufig gefangen
  • The end of the Lofoten island chain: in the foreground Å - in the background the Maelstrom.

    Das Ende der Lofoten-Inselkette: A und Mahlstrom
  • Captive Wolffish caught at the Maelstrom.

    Kapitaler Steinbeisser vom Mahlstrom
  • A fishing paradise: the coast of the Lofoten Islands.

    Top ausgestattete Leihboote bei A
  • The dream of every deep-sea angler: Halibut 1.95 m - almost 100 kg / 220 Lbs.

    Heilbutt 1,95 m - knapp 100 kg
  • Large cod are caught throughout the season: from May to September.

    Großer Dorsch von Mai bis September
  • As a very good Wolffish district known: the Saltstraumen.

    Der Saltstraumen ist ein gutes Steinbeißer-Revier
  • Super by-catch: a LofotenTusk.

    Super Beifang: Lofoten-Lumb
  • Always good catches: at the Saltstraumen the fishing mostly is wind-protected.

    Am Saltstraumen angelt man windgeschützt
  • Happy Hour: Dream weather and magnificent Halibut at the Maelstrom.

    Anglertraum: Heilbutt am Mahlstrom
  • Grinning over both ears: big Halibut is widespread in the Maelstrom.

    großer Heilbutt ist am Mahlstrom weit verbreitet
  • Fishing trips to Lofoten with the company "Nordmeer Angelreisen".

    Lofoten - da biegen sich die Angelruten
  • Caught at the Saltstraumen: 1.80 m Halibutt

    Am Saltstraumen gefangen: 1,80 m Butt
  • That have been 15 minutes above a swarm of Coalfish (Saithe) - caught on the shallows near the Maelstrom.

    15 Minuten im Köhler-Schwarm
  • The largest halibut brought just under 60 kg / 132 Lbs to the scale.

    Der größte Heilbutt wog 60 kg

The fishing experience: Lofoten / Maelstrom • Saltstraumen / Bodø

Å / Lofoten

Das Fischerdorf Å liegt am Ende der Lofoten.

Fishing dreams come true!

With its location in the immediate vicinity of the fish-rich Maelstrom, the fishing village Å is an ideal starting point for particularly successful fishing trips. Accommodation can be found in partly listed fishermen’s cabins, which are adapted to today’s requirements in terms of comfort. Fishing at the Maelstrom and Saltstraumen ist one of the worlds best spots. Further information …

Saltstraumen / Bodø

Saltstraumen Brygge: Top Anglercamp

In the area of the world record Coalfish / Saithe

The Saltstrom is, with a flow speed of up to 40 km/h (24 mph), the strongest tidal current in the world. Due to the sheltered location, the angler on Saltstraumen rarely have problems with wind and waves. The record Coalfish (22.7 kg / 50 Lbs) is issued as a preparation in the plant “Saltstraumen Brygge”. Further information …

Bester Kundenservice in A Lofoten.

Nordmeer Angelreisen …

… organizes reliable and competent fishing trips to northern Norway since 20 years: to the Maelstrom on the southern Lofoten near Moskenes to the fishing village “Å” and to the Saltstraumen near Bodø on the Norwegian mainland – about 150 km above the Arctic Circle.

Fantastic catches await the angler: huge Cod, big Coalfish / Saithe, Ling, Tusk, giant Halibut, Woffish etc.
And in summer, you can fish around the clock under the midnight sun.

Our ambition – your advantage

Our ambition is to satisfy you as a customer!

Nur zufriedene Kunden

We guarantee competent support and perfect on-site service. Because unlike other providers of fishing trips we have “only” 2 main destinations above the Arctic Circle in the program – on which we concentrate completely. Everything there is known very well by us and you will get an optimally arrangement of your fishing vacation.

Da lacht das Anglerherz.

An assitance is at your side during your entire vacation with help and advice.

162 kg Halibut caught at the Moskenesstraumen

Lofoten-Rekord: 162 kg Heilbutt

Nordmeer fishing trip customer holds the halibut record in Å
After 90 minutes of drilling, our client managed to attach a 162 kg giant to the ship’s sidel and tow it to the port of Å. With 162 kg / 357 Lbs and a length of 2.30 m / 7,5 ft, this Halibut is a new record for the Lofoten.

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Å in June: 85-kg-Butt drilled

Heilbutt 1,95 m – knapp 100 kg

The Maelstrom is certainly one of the top halibut areas in Northern Europe. For several years there was more and more fishing for halibut. Therefore, we support Catch & Release, especially for large animals above 1,40 meters. Nevertheless, it is not forbidden to take a “super-catch”, like here with scarcely 100 kg / 220 Lbs – 1.95 m / 6,4 ft. However, it is not allowed to take a trophy fish since 2018. You should therefore think carefully what you want to do with the whole fish, as per person a maximum of 20 kg of filet may be exported.

Registered fishing camps with 20 kg of fish exports

You are allowed to take 20 kg of fish / fish fillet per person home.

Blue Marlin – world record

Nordmeer Angelreisen Blue Marlin-Weltrekord Kapverden

The world record Marlin (563 kg / 4.58 m – 1.241 Lbs / 15 ft) was caught at the Cape Verde island of Sao Vicente.

September in Å: Northern Lights

Nordlicht Lofoten A