• With up to 10 hits by boat and day there will be always well catch.

    bis zu 10 Hits per Boot und Tag
  • These are super catches: Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo.

    Super-Fänge: Marlin, Thunfisch, Wahoo
  • The big game boats are situated in the harbor of Mindelo.

    Big-Game-Boote im Hafen von Mindelo
  • This is a drill: Magnificent Marlin on the hook.

    Prächtiger Marlin am Haken
  • Not just for fishing: the island of Sao Vicente has beautiful beaches.

    Sao Vicente hat schöne Badebuchten
  • Marlin 650 Lbs - 395 kg / Tuna 110 kg / Marlin 1222 Lbs - 554 kg

    Marlin - 395 kg / Thunfisch 110 kg / Marlin 554 kg
  • Yachts with complete equipment and crew are available for successful fishing trips.

    Big Game Yachten mit Ausrüstung und Mannschaft
  • That will be caught often: Wahoo and Dorado.

    häufiger amHaken: Wahoo und Goldmakrelen
  • The port of Mindelo on Sao Vicente is the top starting point for successful big game fishing.

    Hafen von Mindelo auf Sao Vicente
  • Approach to Sao Vicente - in the background the city of Mindelo.

    Vicente – im Hintergrund die Stadt Mindelo

Cape Verde Islands – The Blue Marlin Hot Spot

Fishing in Cape Verde – Sao Vicente / Mindelo

Nordmeer Angelreisen - Big Game city Mindelo on Sao Vicente

In the lively harbor town of Mindelo “Big Gamer” meet tourists. It is the center of the island of Sao Vicente.

The Cape Verde Islands are the best place in the world to fish for Blue Marlin. Around the island of Sao Vicente, specimens of more than 500 kilograms were caught!

Due to the location, 1800 km south of the Canary Islands and 500 km west of the African mainland, there is a great diversity and enormous amount of different fish.

World’s largest marlin caught

Nordmeer Angelreisen - world record Blue Marlin 1,240 Lbs and 563 kg

The world record: Blue Marlin with 1,240 Lbs and 563 kg, caught off the coast of Sao Vicente.

“Nowhere else in the world the impressive blue marlin is represented in such great numbers as Cape Verde.

The largest blue marlin ever caught went on the hook of an angler on the “”Happy Hooker”” with captain Berno Niebuhr. That was in September 2006 in the waters off the island of Sao Vicente. That record marlin weighed 1,241 Lbs or 563 kilograms at a length of 4,58 meters.

Berno Niebuhr is one of Cape Verde’s most experienced marlin hunters. He has been on site for over 20 years. This many years of experience pays off for our customers!

Fish & fishing times

Nordmeer Angelreisen - Catches in dimensions round aboutf 700 Lbs / 318 kg are not uncommon

Catches in dimensions round aboutf 700 Lbs / 318 kg are not uncommon.

Here you find the world’s largest occurrence of Blue Marlin. The blue marlin grows up to 4.5 meters in length and can reach a speed of about 90 kilometers per hour, making it one of the fastest fish in the world. Fishing season: Blue marlin is caught all year round, but the best time is between mid-March and early July, and there are still good fishing prospects until September.

The Sailfish is characterized by its large dorsal fin, which can be up to 3.5 meters long. The fish can reach a top speed of 55 kilometers per hour and, like the blue marlin, has a spear-like mouthpiece. Fishing season: The best conditions are between June and August. There are also good chances in September.

The white marlin or spearfish is more than 3 m long and weighs more than 80 kg.
Fishing season: April to September.

The second dorsal fin and the rear fin of the Yellowfin Thun / BigEye are both bright yellow. It can be up to 2.5 meters long and over 200 kilograms in weight. Fishing season: all year round. Best in March, April, June and October – also November and December.

One of the largest populations of Wahoo has been detected near Cape Verde. The Wahoo is a fish of the mackerel family that can reach a length of 2.5 meters. Fishing season: all year round. The best conditions are in the months between December and May.

The Dorada or golden mackerel is widespread and particularly popular in the restaurants in Cape Verde. One of the most common by-catches. Fishing season: July and August are the best months, but June and September are likely to catch a bream.

In addition, you catch the albacore Tuna, Bonito and various Shark species, as well as the speed jigging in addition to huge Amberjacks also a lot of other demersal species.

Boats & equipment

Nordmeer Angelreisen - fishing equipment is only of the highest quality

The fishing equipment is only of the highest quality.

Happy Hooker (as an example – all similar yachts)
35 ‘feet, 11 meters Flybridge (Bertram) • 2 x 315 hp • GPS, plotter, depth sounder, VHF radio • 130 cm cool box • Toilet • Liferaft for 8 people. Large comfortable “tournament quality fighting chair”. The fishing equipment consists of 80 lbs Penn International 2-speed and Shimano 2-speed wheels and Penn International II rods of the highest quality. Own fishing tackle can, but does not have to be brought. In the cockpit you are supported by 2 helpers.

Nordmeer Angelreisen - rods on dthe BIg Game boat

80 lbs Penn & Shimano 2-speed wheels and Penn International II rods

Season & travel time

High season: mid-March to mid-July
Low season: mid-July to end of October

Our offer includes either a complete package with flight, transfer, accommodation and charter boat or you can travel by yourself and book the charter. You can reach the Cape Verde Islands comfortably in four to five hours by charter flight from many German or European airports.

Nordmeer Angelreisen - Most marlin are caught on jiggs.

Most marlin are caught on jiggs.

Nordmeer Angelreisen - With such a drill, the angler's heart swells higher.

With such a drill, the angler’s heart swells higher.

Traveling on your own

Services at 1 week stay (included in the tour price):

  • 5 day of boat charter (8-9 hours per day)
  • 1 captain (also as local contact) / 2 assistants
  • charter yacht (Bertram 35′ feet / 11 meters or similar)
  • max. 4 anglers
  • trolling on Marlin / Speed Jigging / Groundfishing
  • on request also night fishing on shark
  • complete equipment

All prices on request.

The prices depend on the the type and size of the accommodation and the number of people accommodated therein. Exact prices are only possible on request.

Please ask for an individual offer …

Nordmeer Angelreisen - Big Game on Cape Verde

Beautiful hotels are available on lonely beaches or in the city of Mindelo.

You can spend your holidays in a comfortable beach hotel. If you prefer a livelier environment, or would like to live in the immediate vicinity of the port, there are many attractive accommodations to choose from in the town of Mindelo.

Nordmeer Angelreisen - Big Game on Cape Verde

You can choose between a comfortable beach hotel or one of the many hotels in the city close to the harbor.

More tips and information

Detailed information and details on travel, accommodation, transfers, fishing and on the holiday in Cape Verde I am happy to give you by phone or by e-mail. Please contact us and ask your questions!