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Nordmeer Angelreisen - Lofoten

Halibut, near 100 kg - 195 cm

Nordmeer Angelreisen - Lofoten

Coalfish, 115 cm

20 kg fish / filet allowed!

We are a certified fishing camp. Our customers are allowed to export 20 kg fish / fish fillet.
This applies to Å i Lofoten and Saltstraumen.

Nordmeer Angelreisen - Lofoten

September: northern lights Å

Nordmeer Angelreisen - Lofoten

Halibut ca. 2 m / 140 kg

The halibut was caught 19th June 2015 after more then 1 hour fight. The fish was released after a short time healthy. - We practice "Catch and Release".

162 Kg Halibut
caught at the Moskenesstraumen

Our customer is holding the record for halibut on Lofoten islands.

Nordmeer Angelreisen - Lofoten

After 90 minutes drilling time our customer and his friends were able to fix the 162 kg giant at the ship's side and drag in the port of Å.
162 kg and a length of 2.30 m this halibut is a new record for the Lofoten Islands. (June 2014)

The tour operator "Nordmeer Angelreisen" ...

... is organizing for over 15 years reliable and professional angling trips to Northern Norway: The Moskenesstraumen on the southern Lofoten near Moskenes / Å and Saltstraumen near Bodø on the Norwegian mainland - about 150 km above the Arctic Circle.

Fantastic catches expect the angler: capital-cod or cod, big coalfish, ling, huge halibut, wolffish, etc.

And in the summer you will be fishing around the clock under the midnight sun.

Bert Zieboll - Nordmeer angelreisen

Bert Zieboll
Nordmeer Angelreisen

Our intention - Your benefit: satisfied customers!

It is our intention to satisfy you as a customer!

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Therefore, we have for you a competent support and perfect service. After all, unlike other providers of fishing trips we have "only" 2 main destinations above the Arctic Circle in our program - on which we focus entirely. We know both aereas very well and can make your fishing vacation optimally.
Our guide (in Å) knows the waters like the back, and assist you during your entire vacation with help and advice.

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The best way for fishing to Lofoten islands / Moskenesstraumen?

In contrast to many other suppliers of angling holidays, we "only" offer one major destination: the place "Å" on the Lofoten Islands.

Nordmeer Angelreisen - Lofoten

This benefits our customers particularly in terms of organization, itinerary, service and individual attention.

Nordmeer Angelreisen - Lofoten
We look forward to your visit to the fishing village "Å i Lofoten" and guarantee you a stay that you will retain pleasant memories.

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The Saltstraumen - the strongest tidal current in the world!

As an alternative to Lofoten we offer trips to the Saltstraumen.

Nordmeer Angelreisen - Saltstraumen

A significantly shorter time of arrival of this destination is an interesting variant of the fishing holidays in Northern Norway.

Again, our customers can rely on perfect organization, itinerary, service and individual attention.

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DVD "Angeln am Mahlstrom & Saltstraumen"

Part of the DVD (ca. 3 minutes)

Nordmeer Angelreisen

VIDEO-HD Download

"Fishing on Maelstream"

"Fishing on Saltstrom"

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