The Saltstraumen

The Salt current (norwegian "Saltstraumen") is the strongest tidal current in the world. It is located about 10 km southeast from Bodø - about 100 km above the Arctic Circle.

Die Saltstrombrücke

Every 6 hours squeeze nearly 400 million cubic meters of water at a rate of up to 20 knots (about 40 km / h) long by 3 miles and 150 m wide strait between Saltfjord and Skjerstadfjord.

The resulting vortex with a diameter of up to 10 m and 4-5 m can range in depth.

The massive flow is similar to the famous "Maelstrom", the reason for the enormous amount of different, and particularly large fish, such as pollock, cod, loach, pollack and halibut


Here is where the world record was set in the coalfish fishing. The record coalfish (22.7 kg - caught from the shore) was prepared and is issued in the 'Saltstraumen Brygge".


Fishing Tip: Equipment

The sea fishing with powerful equipment is the surest way to success. Frequently, the size of the fish occurring, especially in cod and coalfish, underestimated. Your equipment should therefore be more stable nature. We recommend that you Rods 30 lbs and up rigs to use 0.80 mm.

Angelausrüstung - Nordmeer Angelreisen

On your strong role you should have a minimum of 0.35mm thick, braided line with a capacity of approximately 30 kg. Generaly pilks and "plastic fish"of 200-500 grams are used.

Gummifische - Nordmeer Angelreisen

Fishinbg at the Saltstraumen

This water is an absolute top spot for coalfish. In the upper water you can, light tackle, catch plenty of 2- to 3-pounder.

The larger fish are hooked in the deeper, well circulated water. These are the right places with perks between 200 - 500 grams to obtain a capital coalfish, big cod and halibut on the hook.

Die besten Fänge in dem bis zu 95 Meter tiefen Saltstrom macht man vom Angelboot aus, indem man sich mit dem Gezeitenstrom über die Fischschwärme treiben lässt:

The best catch in up to 95 meters deep Salt current one makes from the fishing boat, by letting yourself drift with the tide flow over the shoals of fish:
The water flows into the fjord, then you might stay behind the bridge or on the side of the fjord. If the current is flowing into the open sea, then you should eject the Angel after the bridge.

Stay at the Saltstraumen

Angeln am Saltstraumen 1Especially for anglers staying Salstraumen shall be an unforgettable experience.

We will advise you with regard to your wishes a corresponding holiday - even about fishing out such as walking tours, culinary events, diving and other activities.

Angeln am Saltstraumen 2The fishing grounds are really here right outside the front door. Long approaces and returns by boat are not required.

Perfect for fishing vacation is the system "Saltstraumen Brygge".
A fisherman camp with every conceivable comfort and a reliable line.

A fishing paradise in sheltered waters

Due to the aforementioned protected location, the angler on the Saltstraumen rarely have problems with high winds. Therefore there are nearaly no without a possibility to go fishing.

The fishing season starts from februabry from to October - with the usual, natural variations.

February/March is perfect for Skrei (spawn cod) April is good for cod, May especially for halibut. As of June comes the coalfish, then the whole range of fish is caught up to Oktober.

Nordmeer Angelreisen
Nordmeer Angelreisen