The "infamous" Moskenesstraumen

In front oif the southern tip of the Lofoten island "Moskenesøy" the "infamous" Moskenesstraumen is located in the Neighborhood of Å. He is known as one of the world's strongest tidal currents.

Mahlstrom Lofoten - Nordmeer Angelreisen

Through this 4 to 5 kilometers wide and only 40 to 60 meters deep strait water masses pour the tides of the North Atlantic Ocean in the vestfjord. In that way huge swirls and rapids can be formed and it will be huge amounts of nutrients down into Vestfjord. Thus, this region is not only one of the most dangerous, but also one of the richest fishing grounds in the world.

Fisg guide

A Fishguide is all time availible.

Filleting & freezing

Near the loating bridge you find a covered fileting place.

Mahlstrom Lofoten - Nordmeer AngelreisenDirectly behind there is a freezing room.

Fishing Tip: Equipment

The sea fishing with powerful equipment is the surest way to success. Frequently, the size of the fish occurring, especially in cod and coalfish, underestimated. Your equipment should therefore be more stable nature. We recommend that you Rods 30 lbs and up rigs to use 0.80 mm.

Angelausrüstung - Nordmeer Angelreisen

On your strong role you should have a minimum of 0.35mm thick, braided line with a capacity of approximately 30 kg. Generaly pilks and "plastic fish"of 200-500 grams are used.

Gummifische - Nordmeer Angelreisen

Fishing on the Moskenesstraumen

The waters near the Lofoten Islands, especially the vestfjord and the Moskenesstraumen, can be described without any doubt as the dream of every angler. There is an abundance of fish that is not easy to find somewere else. There are only a few areas of the world that are comparable to that.

Stay in the fishing village of Å

Das Fischerdorf Å Lofoten 

Especially for anglers staying in Å to be an unforgettable experience.

We will advise you with regard to your wishes a corresponding holiday - even about fishing out such as walking tours, museum tours and other activities.


Å i Lofoten 

Even with simple motorized boats you are only about 10 minutes to the best fishing grounds on the go. Close to the harbor entrance of the town Å there are a number of shoals, where cod, wolffish and coalfish lurking on their prey.

Wherefrom does the enormous quantity of fish comes on Mahlstom?

Among the ice covering the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean from the 80th parallel to the North Pole, is the "nursery" of most Lofotfische. There the small cod grow into mature cod and pull in huge shoals to spawn south - in the area between the Norwegian mainland and the Lofoten vestfjord.

Here the water is warmer than should be expected thanks to the Gulf Stream a few degrees. The food supply of this marine region is phenomenal: million tons of krill, the main food for many fish are pressed at high tide by the Moskenesstraumen in the vestfjord. Follow the krill, in addition to the whales, smaller fish, which are in turn pursued and hunted by larger ones.

At the end of the food chain of the sea are then available to speak to professional fishermen and anglers. The angler's paradise Å provides both for anglers who want to catch only a proper fish meal, like, everything for ambitious sport fishermen who want to adjust their "record fish".

Nordmeer Angelreisen
Nordmeer Angelreisen