Destination Å i Lofoten - fishing dreams come true!

Located in close to the rich in fish Moskenesstraumen Å forms an ideal starting point for particularly successful fishing trips. We offer accommodation in the fishing village Å, with more than 20 fisherman cabins which are adapted to today's requirements in terms of comfort and hygiene.

The climate of the Lofoten

The unique climate of southwestern Lofoten owe this mainly to the Gulf Stream, which constantly a huge amount of warm water in the region transported and thus provides a unique Central European climate.

Mitternachtssonne am MahlstromIn winter, temperatures are usually at 0 ° C to + 10 ° C, and a strong, often swelling up toa winterstrom, brings enormous rainfall as snow or rain.

In summer it is warm. Starting at the beginning of June the temperatures can climb to over 30 ° C, and one can get the impression of being on an island in the Mediterranean Sea and not 300 km north of the Arctic Circle.

There will be no sunsets during the period from end of may until middle fof july in Lofoten - the sun shines during this period around the clock. Of course, the vast abundance of fish must be mentioned. Huge cod or pollock swarms form the basis of the famous Lofoten fishery.

Fishing holidays

Services (included in tour price):

  • Comfortable fisherman's cottages of various sizes
  • Situated directly on the sea or in the immediate vicinity
  • Accommodations with kitchen, shower u. WC
  • Fish Guide
  • competent instruction in the boats and fishing area
  • large freezer compartment
  • covered gutting space
  • Gasoline service for boats
  • Bed linen, electricity, heating, water included
  • Map for the fishing area

All prices on request.

Prices depend on the type and size of the property, as well as the number of persons accommodated therein. Exact prices are available on request only. Please request a custom offer!

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The Lofoten extending over a length of 190 km and an area of approximately 1,250 square kilometers, about 300 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle and between the 67th and 68th degree of latitude in the North Atlantic Ocean. Their jagged peaks rise above 1,000 meters from the sea.

Landkarte Vestfjord und südliche Lofooten mit Mahlstrom

Midnight sun

Staying at the Lofoten Islands you can see the midnight sun from 28 May to 15 July.
But light around the clock is already from the beginning of may until mid of august!

SERVICE and RELIABILITY - that is our profession!

Fred Schaaf - Nordmeer AngelreisenA fishing holiday near the polar circle has to be planned well - so that everything runs smoothly and the angler can say satisfied: "It was just as I had imagined. Everything was OK."

Therefore, the quality and the related service is the main work of "Nordmeer Angelreisen". A guarantor is the Fish Guide. He knows the waters off Å and the Moskenesstraumen as his pocket. He will assist you during your stay with words and deeds.


All prices on request.

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Nordmeer Angelreisen
Nordmeer Angelreisen